Social Networking

An easy way to share your presentations

Posted by on Jun 15, 2009 in Marketing Insights, Professional Development, Social Media & Public Relations, Social Networking, Technology, Visual Narratives | 0 comments is a great way to take your presentation viral – and share it with everyone from partners to prospects; colleagues to customers. The free hosting platform allows you to upload a presentation and embed it on your website, blog, or social network profile. Definitely worth checking out – it’s simple and makes a lot of sense with social communities such as LinkedIn and Facebook commanding our attention on the...

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Facebook and video

Posted by on Jan 6, 2009 in Marketing Insights, Social Networking, Technology, Video Production | 0 comments

It seems that Facebook is a great forum for people to share personal video. I recently read a nice piece that poses what some of the implications of this are to social media sites like YouTube and MySpace. Read about it at MediaPost.

Read More is a simple, yet powerful posting tool

Posted by on Nov 14, 2008 in Marketing Insights, Social Networking, Technology | 0 comments is a nice tool to aggregate how you post to all your social media sites. I recently saw that a friend of mine on Facebook was using it to keep his updates fresh. I checked it out and it allows you to post from your own page and have it sent out to dozens of sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

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Social media: traditional agencies just "don't get it"

Posted by on Apr 3, 2008 in Social Media & Public Relations, Social Networking, Strategy & Branding | 2 comments

According to a recent survey, traditional agencies don’t understand social media and are ill equipped to help their clients navigate the changing landscape. There’s a lack of competence of the needed skills in social network and video sharing – as well as a traditional compensation model – that prevent them from adjusting. According to analyst Jim Nail, “You get the sense that agencies talk a good game. They put up a good presentation about what social media is, but when you get to implementing campaigns, the day-to-day management skills are not meeting the...

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Social bookmarking tools are a waste

Posted by on Mar 1, 2008 in Marketing Insights, Social Media & Public Relations, Social Networking, Technology | 1 comment

Digg, Del.ici.ous (did I spell that right, who cares?), and other tagging tools are supposed to do what? I’m not sure because I refuse to take the time to learn exactly why I should care or how they’re supposed to help me. One day they appeared on everyone’s blog like someone flipped a switch. My sense is that if I really needed them, then they would be more obvious to me. Critical technology tends to be more intuitive. I just don’t see the point – sorry.

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The future of Facebook – balancing trust and revenue

Posted by on Nov 12, 2007 in Marketing Insights, Social Networking, Technology | 0 comments

If Facebook’s new ad platform succeeds at being uninvasive and welcome by its users, media buyers everywhere will rejoice. I have my doubts. Nobody likes to be sold to overtly, or worse, feel like their being used to generate profit for somebody else. The new ad system, based largely on contextualization (fancy language for reading your posts and sifting the brand words within)- might be obtrusive and spurned by Facebook’s loyal following. Or worse, Facebook might lose users trust...

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